About Us

World Solidarity Organization ( WOSOVO ) is a non-profit making and non-governmental organization (NGO) that promotes peace and international understanding by involving both Ghanaians and foreigners in developmental projects and inter-cultural exchange programmes.

Since its creation a few years ago, WOSOVO promotes international understanding and solidarity, sustainable development and respect for the environment.

It believes that all people are capable of living together with mutual respect, assistance to the needy and without recourse to any form of violence to solve existing  conflicts.


WOSOVO uses international cultural exchange programmes as a fundamental instrument to achieve its objective because it considers that by living together with other cultures and communities, people can become aware of condition and realities existing in the world of today.



- invites volunteers abroad irrespective of their religion, race, ethnic or geographical background to increase educational opportunities for children and youth in rural areas;

- provides voluntary services to benefit disadvantaged communities who are in need to basic facilities like school buildings, community health centers as well as caring for the aged people.

- assists various communities in the fight against environmental degradation and deforestation.

- promotes and organize voluntary activities in co-operation with local communities as well as other local, national and international organizations, as a means of fostering greater confidence between people of different social cultural, political or religious values by working learning and living together;

- places emphasis on developing people's own initiative in terms of organizing themselves to solve their own problems (poverty).


Board of Directors


1. Cephas Setor  Boateng                    -           Chairman

2. Manfred Kofi Kuzoe                           -           Vice-Chairman
3. Loretta Nyade                                   -           Secretary

4. Johnson Ofori                                    -            Member

5. Esther  Yeboah-Adzimah                   -            Member

6. Winfred Komla Kumi                          -            Member


Cephas Sebor Boateng            -            Chairman

Manfred  Kofi Kuzoe                  -            Vice-Chairman /International co-ordinator 
David  Davenport                     -            Treasurer
Solomon Suukare                       -             Northern Sector Organizer

Bernard   Asinyo                         -             Southern Sector Organizer  

Winfred Komla Kumi                  -             Central Sector Organizer

Kenneth Jojoh Gborglah         -              Patron




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